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Everything You Need to Know about Eczema in Babies and Toddlers: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Eczema is a rather common condition, particularly among children. This guide entails a comprehensive overview of this topic, and we will talk about the potential causes of this condition, the symptoms associated with it, as well as possible ways of prevention.

The Most Common Allergies in Children – Causes, Symptoms and How to Prevent Them

Allergies are abnormal reactions of the body to certain things. They manifest in many forms, depending on the type of allergy and its severity. How can you prevent allergies in children? What are the allergy causes and symptoms to look out for? You’ll find everything in this article.

Chicken Stew recipe | Healthy and Easy Recipes for Kids #HealthEssentialsCooks

It can be difficult to make a healthy and nutritious meal for your kids on the weekdays, especially when you're working. Introducing a healthy and easy chicken stew recipe that can be prepared in about 15 mins and left to stew for about 45mins!

The Best Foods for Breastfeeding Mothers

There are foods that stimulate your breasts to produce more milk, but there are also foods you should avoid. This guide will tell you about the best foods for breastfeeding to make the start of motherhood more enjoyable. 

Common Illnesses and Conditions in Babies and Toddlers

Given how babies and toddlers have not build up their immune system, they’re prone to getting certain illnesses throughout their childhood years. This is a guide showing common childhood illness, as well as some useful information to help you through.

Slow-cooked Apple with Chuan Bei | Healthy Chinese Dessert  #HealthEssentialsCook

Here's an easy and healthy dessert recipe suitable for the family that requires only about 10 mins preparation, great for the busy parent! It requires a Chinese herb, Chuan Bei as one of the main ingredients in this recipe.