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Is Beauty sleep a real thing? | The Truth About Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is no stranger to us. Studies have shown that the lack of sleep does make one less attractive. But do you really know what is going on with your skin when you sleep? What is the important connection between healthy, glowing skin and sleep?

Handmade Soaps: why they’re more loving to your skin than commercial soap (and other benefits)

In this article, we’ll explore why there has been an increase in the availability, popularity and consumption of natural and handmade soaps. We’ll also go into what the actual benefits of using them are, how they are better for your skin than commercial soaps, and their environmental benefits! 

Does a vegan diet give you glowing skin? (And perhaps treat eczema?)

Skin health and diet are closely associated. A healthy diet offers adequate nutrients, the skin requires to look hydrated, younger, acne-free and glowing. But does a vegan diet (or plant-based diet) give you glowing skin? Find out in this article. 

Arrow Root (粉葛) Soup Recipe | Foods good for skin #HealthEssentialsCooks

Besides being a delicious soup, arrow root contains myriad of health benefits, especially beauty benefits. It is food good for the skin. Arrow root is a simple and healthy recipe for you and your family! 

How to Get Healthy and Glowing Skin after Pregnancy

After enjoying glowing skin and beautiful hair during your pregnancy, the “pregnancy glow” will come to an end once the baby is delivered. How do you get the pregnancy glow back? Here are 10 tips to help you get healthy and glowing skin after the delivery! 

Seaweed Soup | Food for healthy skin #HealthEssentialsCooks

Packed with nutrients, it is not surprising that Koreans, who commonly consume seaweed have such good skin! After all, our skin reflects what we put into our body. It's time to start incorporating seaweed in your diet for healthy and glowing skin!