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Get great skin and good gut health with this chinese dessert! | SWEET POTATO GINGER SOUP RECIPE

Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A and this vitamin makes you produce less oil, and thus have nice non-greasy skin. Whereas ginger is a food that promotes gut health. Why not combine both into this delicious dessert?

5 Day Gut-Healing Meal Plan for the Busy Professional | #GutHealth

This 5-day gut-friendly meal plan contains recipes that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less with a few scaling the 30-minute mark. Consider adding these to your cookbook collection of recipes.

Benefits Of Probiotics | What is Probiotics and why it is good for you? #GutHealth

Probiotics. They are on everyone’s lips. You’ve probably heard of it from watching yoghurt commercials or reading the description on the packaging. Or maybe you once complained to a friend about your bloating, and you got the “oh just go take probiotics” recommendation. All these points to one good thing: they are great for digestion.

What happens when your gut health is out of whack? | The importance of gut health

What is the link between our gut and our whole health? What are the signs that show our gut health is off? And what foods should we eat or avoid to promote its health? Find out in this article. 

3 Healthy Pineapple Juice Recipes that is great for you | #HealthEssentialsCooks

In the previous article, we showed you the crazy benefits of pineapple juice! Now, let us show you some healthy and easy pineapple juice recipes that you can make. 

Pineapples good for females only? | BENEFITS OF PINEAPPLE JUICE

In this article, we will go into the myth of pineapples being particularly good for females and dig deeper into the benefits of pineapple.