Did you ever notice that whenever you feel mentally exhausted for quite some time, you start facing skin-related issues? Sometimes acne pops up without any apparent reason, or the lips go dry, or your skin becomes itchy. If you think that it happens only because of the weather or dehydration, then sorry to break it, you are wrong.

Because you seem to ignore a very crucial aspect, and that is your mental health. Yup, mental health plays a key role in determining the health of your skin. In fact, there is an intimate relationship between your mental and skin health. Therefore, sound mental health results in smooth and healthy skin and vice versa.

This connection gave rise to a new discipline in the field of medical science known as psychodermatology.

So, what is Pshychodermatology?

Psychodermatology is a relevantly new field and emerged after the discovery of the nexus between mental health and skin condition. Psychodermatologists, study the relationship between human psychology and skin. Our skin, being the largest organ of our body, is much more likely to react to stressed mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric disorders.

According to psychodermatologists, psychology and skin health are linked in three fundamental ways.

  • The first one is through the influence of emotional states or stress on the skin.
  • Secondly, the effect of the condition of the skin on mental health.
  • And finally, the psychiatric disorders that showcase their presence through the medium of skin like delusional parasitosis.

Therefore, in your bid to carry healthy glowing skin, it is of absolute importance to keep the mental well-being in the equation. It necessarily means that unless you are psychologically stable and mentally at peace, you are less likely to have great skin.

What does skin have to do with mental health, you ask? Well, our skin makes up 16% of our body, and it contains nerve endings, blood vessels, sweat glands, and cells that are controlled by our nervous system. And who controls the nervous system? You guessed it – the brain.

You can also understand this phenomenon from the fact that when you blush, your skin goes red. When you feel something intensely, you get goosebumps. These come as the result of a stimulus to the brain. Therefore, the connection between skin and mental health is much more substantial than you ever thought.

Luckily, there are a few mind-body strategies that you can employ to improve the connection between mind and skin and ultimately end up improving both. So, whenever you feel that depression is around the corner, start focusing on three M’s to protect yourself.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a centuries-old proven practice that has been helping humanity in several ways. According to studies, the practice of meditation helps improve the health of your skin. It implies that mindfulness, focused breathing, and other relaxation techniques help to eradicate many lousy skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, and alopecia areata. So, try to make the best use of meditation to have the skin of your dreams.

2. Movement

The second important M is movement. It can be a movement of any sort, including workout, exercise, yoga, sports, or any healthy activity. It is because movement helps both your brain and skin in many ways. It helps your body secrete hormones, which help to elevate your mood. Actions also make you sweat, which results in opening the pores of your skin. Hence, make sure you keep your body active to enjoy better mental and skin health.

3. Meals

It is pretty much obvious that a healthy diet gives you a healthy body. Take good care of your meals and make them nutrients-oriented. When you eat rich in nutrients, healthy food, your body becomes self-sufficient in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, which results in a better mood. And when you are happy, your skin naturally radiates the glow.

Now that you know how to improve the connection between your brain and skin, you must also work on your mental health. Below we have enlisted some of the steps that you can take to amplify your mental health. Have a look.

Steps to improve mental health

1. Stay Positive

It might seem impossible to stay positive all the time, yet if you master this art, half of your problems will be gone. Always look towards the bright side and do not let your bad experiences in the past lead the way to the future. You can also make use of positive affirmations to stay positive. Once you get the hang of staying positive, your mental health will improve manifold, which would consequently enhance your skin.

2. Take sufficient sleep

There is no denying the fact that sleep deprivation can severely affect your overall health, let alone mental. If you do not sleep enough, your brain doesn’t get adequate time to rest. It results in fatigue, mood swings, and restlessness. Ultimately, your skin takes the toll, be it in the form of dark circles or acne. Make sure you sleep well so that your skin does not suffer.

3. Be Grateful

This is something very few people acknowledge. Nevertheless, when you feel grateful, you feel positive. Your mind does not lament on what you don’t have. Instead, it remains thankful for what you have. Research says that gratitude and mental health are interlinked on a deep level. Gratitude brings happiness, which in turn brings mental satisfaction as well as joy. Hence, when you want to have pleasure, comfort, sound mental health, and exotic skin all at the same time, you know exactly what to do. Don’t you?

4. Open up

This might sound absurd to you, but not opening up to someone can increase the chances of suffering from frustration and anxiety. Man is a social animal, and when he tries to not act like one, he suffers. Moreover, it has nothing to with how strong you are. Instead, it is for your emotional well-being. And mental health. Find someone whom you can share everything. You will feel miraculously light after sharing your heart out. That’s a given.

5. Take a break

Let’s just admit that you are not a machine. Human beings have certain limits and thresholds, after which they need a break. Therefore, never hesitate to treat yourself with a break when things seem to get worse. Let your mind reflect in peace, and it will come out with a better strategy or outcome. From taking small breaks daily to making a significant break from something you are suffering, keep making yourself feel important.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty much evident by now that mental health and skincare are closely related. If you improve one, the other will develop itself. The wellness of your skin depends largely on the state of your mind. Make your mental health your topmost priority, even above the physical health. Because as long as you are psychologically not healthy, your physical health isn’t going to help a great deal. Stop thinking, start doing because the ball is in your court. Let hope, health, and a magical skin kick in to welcome a pleasant change in your life.