Gone are the days when skincare did not use to be an uphill task. Only a couple of homemade skincare products would do the trick. However, times have changed now, and so did the requirements of skincare.

In fact, in the contemporary era, taking care of our skin is absolutely crucial. Due to pollution, bad sleeping habits, and busy routines, our skin becomes more likely to fall victim to skin allergies and skin-damage.

Under such harsh circumstances, the skincare routine of Asian women is a blessing. Asian skincare routine in general and Korean skincare, in particular, are really popular among all women. As a matter of fact, their skincare routine is widely regarded as the best around the globe. Therefore, if your skin is giving you a tough time, let us share with you the secret to perfect skin that is validated by millions of Asian women.

Asian skincare routine consists of different steps, one after another. The results of this skincare cream are genuinely surprising, and it leaves the skin as seamless as a mother’s kiss.

Below we have listed step by step guide the skincare routine of Asian women. Have a look.

Step 1: Cleansing

Asian women kickoff their skincare routine by applying cleanser. They make sure that they do not forget to perform this step even after removing their makeup. This way, they end up with what is called double cleansing because this step not only cleanses their skin but also removes the traces of makeup.

Most of the Asian women believe in cleansing their face twice a day — one right after they wake up and others when they are about to go to bed. Their cleansing routine is comprised of two basic elements; oil and foaming cleanser. First, they wash their faces with oil, followed by a foaming cleanser. So, if you are also eager to revitalize your skin, make sure that cleansing is the first step in your daily skincare routine.

Step 2: Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the second step in this game-changing routine. Exfoliation is the process of cleaning the pores of the skin so that they are not clogged anymore. Exfoliation also eliminates the dead skin cells and results in brighter and smoother skin.

Since exfoliation can be a bit harsh for sensitive skins, Asian women tend to exfoliate their skin once or twice a week. This way, they keep acne and pimples away. Therefore, in your bid to reacquire a fresh face that you can be proud of, this step is going to help you a great deal.

Step 3: Skin Toning

The primary purpose of including toner in their skincare routine is that after cleansing, the skin becomes a bit dry. Thus, toner returns the necessary hydration back to the skin. Toner also helps pave the skin for the next steps so that the skin can absorb all the essential nutrients.

The climatic conditions of Asia make it almost necessary for Asian women to use skin toners on a daily basis. There are many toners available in the markets and online that come with a guaranteed success rate.

You can consider toning as the final stage of cleansing. To make sure that you make the best out of Asian women’s incredible skincare routine by not missing out on a decent quality toner, and you are all set for the next steps.

Step 4: Essence

At the heart of Asian women’s skincare routine resides this step. Essence is a skincare product that is charged with the responsibility to bless the skin with a timeless glow. Women in Asia use essence as a layer so that it doesn’t clog the pores.

Essence comes in many states, such as solid and watery. However, the choice of Asian women is the watery one because it penetrates the skin and does its thing on a deeper level than other essences.

Essence also assists the incoming minerals and nutrients in getting absorb to the skin resulting in an unparalleled glow.

Given all the advantages of essence, no wonder why Asian women keep it very close to their hearts and use it graciously in their daily skincare routine. Hence, make you make it count to get as glowing skin as the Asian women.

Step 4: Emulsion

Layers, layers, and layers all the way, you must be wondering, right? Well, for Asian women, if you want to have a skin that looks like a million-dollar, you’ve got to work for it. The layer of emulsion in the skincare routine means that the skin gets a rich and blooming effect.

Emulsions usually come power-packed with result-oriented botanical extracts and other skin-friendly ingredients. These nutrients nourish the skin by providing it exactly what it lacks. Regular use of emulsion results in a super-plump and properly hydrated healthy skin. It is a must-use for women who want to see their skin as fresh as those of Asians, especially Koreans.

Step 5: Serum or Ampoule Treatments

Although it is not a necessary step for most women, yet the majority of Asian women make it a permanent part of their skincare routine. Serums or Ampoule Treatment is usually used to treat skin pigmentation and brown spots.

However, there are other secondary benefits of serum as well. It brings about many positive results, and you can finally get rid of morning skin dryness as it becomes really smooth. So, if you have brown spots on your face or pigmentation marks, using these products is a must for you. And if you don’t, you can still reap numerous benefits.

Step 6: Eye Cream

As the heading suggests, this step is focused entirely on the eyes. Dark circles around the eyes of Asian women is a rare sight because they take proper care of them. They use the eye cream not only for removing or preventing the dark circles but also for the fine undereye lines.

In fact, several creams cure as well as prevent any undereye concerns. In their routine, Asian women do not apply eye cream daily. They only use twice or thrice a week, which keeps dark circles at bay. They wear it even under their makeup to stay clear of any harmful effects of makeup.

Skincare Routine for Night

The skincare routine of Asian women for the night is almost the same. They only add two steps in the night routine, which are:

1. Makeup Remover (as the first step before cleansing)

Asian women never compromise on both the style and heath. That is the reason they make sure they remove the makeup and complete their skincare routine before going to bed. As a matter of fact, removing makeup should be a permanent part of every woman’s skincare goals.

Removing makeup helps to keep the acne away because the skin pores do not remain clogged up all night. Therefore, never go to bed before removing your makeup if you actually care for your skin.

2. Sleeping Face Mask (After applying toner)

It is an essential step in the night skincare routine of Asian women. The night is the time when the body finally gets the chance to relax, and the brain activates the repair mode. That is the reason why Asian women make this mode count by applying a face mask after toning their skin.

The face mask stays stuck with the whole night and showcases miraculous results in the morning. Therefore, helping your body in its bid to self-repair by applying a night mask to get revitalized skin by morning.


No wonder why Asian women’s skincare routine is so popular and effective. This skincare routine is not limited to Asian women only. Instead, women from all over the world can give this routine a try to obtain astonishing results that will change their lives forever. What is your excuse?