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A Natural Way to Stimulate Milk Production for Nursing Mothers

(100 capsules per bottle)


BELVEA Fenugreek Formula is designed specially for breastfeeding mothers in terms of dosage requirement and the presentation form of micro-granulated powder. Split dosing of multiple serving per day combined with the micro-granulated form allows for consistent bio-availability of the natural galactagogues which are necessary for breast milk production.


BELVEA Fenugreek Formula is a good alternative for breastfeeding mothers whom are concern of taking medicine to stimulate milk production. During this fragile period of breastfeeding, what we consume is directly transferred to the child through our breast milk. Therefore, the need to go natural is important. BELVEA Fenugreek Formula is Certified Organic and is Certified GMO-Free (i.e. NOT Genetically Modified Organism).


  • A herbal galactagogue formula that is purpose formulated for nursing mothers
  • Provides a convenient and easy way for nursing mothers to obtain the benefits of Organic Fenugreek Seed, in the appropriate and convenient dosage
  • Powdered form and allows for easy digestion & absorption by the human digestive system
  • is a 100% Organic Vegan Formulation and does not contain any form of medicine or hormones


Recommendation: Take two capsules 1 to 3 servings daily.


Caution: Not for use during pregnancy. Nursing mothers should proceed with the consent of their physicians. Keep out of reach of children.


Women’s hospitals and obstetricians recognizes the use of this natural option as a means to stimulate milk production.  

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